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Drawing Back Stitches / Other Stitches

The basic operation is as follows.

(1) Left-button click at the starting point.
(2) Drag the mouse (Don't leave the mouse button)
(3) Release the mouse button at the end point

You can draw the back stitches in a half grid of cross stitches.

Tools for other stitches
Draw other stitches
Draw the other stithces. You can chose the type of other stitches from the list under the toolbar.

Selection tool for other stitches
Select other stitches
Please refer to "Selecting Other Stitches" section.

Stamp on/off
Use this option to draw the shape by clicking (This is valid all stitches other than back stitches and cutting line.)

The type of other stitches

Cross Stitches: French Knot、Four-Sided
Hardanger Stitches: Klaster Block、Algerian Eyelet、Dove's Eye、WovenBar、Picot、Cutting Line、Button Hole Edge


Re: Drawing Back Stitches / Ot
#1Gillian Watson @ 12/05/10 7:53 AM
Dear Keije, please advise how to erase back stitches. I made a chart with cross stitches (which I can erase) and back stitches. I tried going over the back stitches with the background colour which worked on the chart, but they show up on the real view so don't look good. Thank you for your help.
#1guest @ 12/05/10 7:53 AM
Re: Drawing Back Stitches / Ot
#2Jill Kosmensky @ 12/24/10 9:06 AM
Use the "Selection of Back Stitch" drawing tool (on the Other Stitch tab) and click on the area of back stitching you want removed. This will surround the area you want to delete with small black squares. Right click and select Cut.

Hope that helps.
Re: Drawing Back Stitches / Ot
#3Cindy @ 02/27/11 5:42 AM
This is so awesome! I'm having trouble finding a way to erase a backstitch. Any help?
Re: Drawing Back Stitches / Ot
#4keiji @ 02/27/11 1:13 PM
Please use a "Selection tool for other stitches" to select the back stitches you want to delete, and hit "Del" key to delete them.
Re: Drawing Back Stitches / Other Stitches
#5Roxane @ 05/07/12 3:49 PM
I have tried the suggestions here for deleting backstitches and still cannot get them to delete. Please explain again.
Re: Drawing Back Stitches / Other Stitches
#6keiji @ 05/07/12 9:09 PM
In a "Other Stitch" tab, chose "Selection" tool.
Then, select backstitches you want to delete and hit a "Delete" key. (Or, right click on the selection, and chose "Cut" from a popup menu)
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