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Main Functionality

KG-Chart for Cross Stitch (KG-Chart hereafter) is a tool to design a chart for Cross Stitch, and has following functionality:

  • Drawing stitches with a color and a mark
    The ability to draw each stitch with a color and mark makes it easier for users to create a pattern for cross stitching. Usual painting software can't do this.
  • Color palettes
    DMC and Danish Flower Threads are supported.
  • A quarter stitch
    A quarter of regular pixel can be drawn. This can be combined with back stitches.
  • Back Stitch - Other Stitch
    Not only a stitch, but also vector type stitch like back stitches are supported. You can use this to create a Hardanger embroidery.
  • Printing a chart
    You can print a chart and a color table in which pages are automatically divided.
  • Converting a photo (bmp/png/jpg/gif/ico/tiff) into a chart
    You can convert your photo into a chart.


Re: Main Functionality
#1Barbara @ 07/29/11 2:59 AM
I can't convert any photos as the program says it can't read files when I try to open JPG files. What problem can it be?
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