As I'm not a native English speaker, this document probably has many strange English sentences. So, Please use a comment form to correct any English mistakes etc.
Thank you - Keiji

Main Screens

A detail of the main screen
(1) Menu
(2) File, View Toolbar
(3) Edit Mode Tab (Cross Stitch, Other Stitch, Comment)
(4) Drawing Toolbar
(5) Drawing Window
(6) Palette Expand/Collapse button
(7) Current Color, the number of colors, the total number of stitches
(8) A tab to switch a whole palette and a selected color list
(9) Color palette window
(10) A bat to adjust palette width
(11) Cursor Information
(12) Ruler
(13) Selected Color List

(14) Comment Editor

Edit Mode Tab
You can choose one of the edit modes: Cross Stitches, Other Stitches, or Comment Editing.


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