As I'm not a native English speaker, this document probably has many strange English sentences. So, Please use a comment form to correct any English mistakes etc.
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Changing a color and a mark

To change the color or mark, use the selected color list. Right-click on the item in the list, and you will see a pop-up menu

What you can do from the menu item:
  • Change a mark
  • Change a color
  • Change a line type (for other stitches/backstitches)
  • Delete the color

Changing a mark
This is a dialog box to change the mark. Chose the mark you want to use for the color, and click "OK".

Changing a color
This is a dialog box to change the color.

1. The color you have already used are blue boxed
2. The color you are about to change are marked X in red boxed

1. The color you are about to chagne can't be selected.
2. If you chose the color which is already used, those two color will be merged and the mark will be the one you chose (not the one you are about to chage)

Change the color and click on "OK"

To change the color of back stitches, refer to "Editing Backstitches"

Delete the color.
If you delete the color, those color in the char will be deleted.


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