As I'm not a native English speaker, this document probably has many strange English sentences. So, Please use a comment form to correct any English mistakes etc.
Thank you - Keiji
KG-Chart for Cross Stitch
User's Manual

Ver. 1.09
by Keiji Ikuta


Re: A Cover Page
#1kathy @ 04/29/10 7:15 AM
How to make the photos into cross stitch chart?
Re: A Cover Page
#2joyce @ 10/12/10 12:34 AM
KG-Chart for Cross Stitch
Re: A Cover Page
#410tje @ 12/03/10 7:41 AM
Hoe kan ik letters ingeven zodat ze ook nog mooi zichtbaar op patroon komen te staan?
Re: A Cover Page
#5ingrid @ 12/21/10 2:38 AM
hello keiji, the chart is a very good one; you've done a very good job. It has a downside though, one tiny bit you missed. i used the import command and tried it on bunch of red irish flower and the shadow picked up the color of dark navy blue, as i tested it, it should have been DMC #814 or dmc #917. i haven't done any stitching yet. would it be too much to ask if you could make it into a color matching with two color combination to achieve a truer color?
Re: A Cover Page
#6keiji @ 12/24/10 8:47 AM
Thank you for using KG-Chart
I know the current palette color is not ideal for converting an image to a chart. I'm right now working on refining a palette with more color accuracy (hopefully). Combining two thread in KG-Chart is very challenging, but I will research if/how it's possible in the future version.
Re: A Cover Page
#7keiji @ 12/24/10 8:49 AM
kathy ,
Please use import functionality to convert an image to a chart.
Please see
Carpet making
#8Katja @ 02/03/11 9:06 AM
This is a great programm, I was searching for a programm to design carpets and this works!!! Thanks a lot! We plan to use it in an humanitarian aid project and I am so pleased that I found it!!!
Re: A Cover Page
#9siti @ 03/13/11 4:34 PM
Hi Keiji, i had tried designing using your program. It turn out well and i am so pleased. You have done a good job. I will keep on exploring your program. thanks once again!!
Re: A Cover Page
#10Heather @ 03/17/11 9:30 AM
This is fantastic - thank you for making it available to us. I have a quick question - is there an easy way to create text on a grid? Or does that need to be done by hand, pixel by pixel?
Re: A Cover Page
#11keiji @ 03/27/11 5:00 PM
Sorry for my late answer. Right now you need to create a text by hand. I'm planning to implement a "text" tool soon.
Re: A Cover Page
#12Danielle @ 04/22/11 12:06 PM
This program is absolutely amazing...thank you soooooo much for making it available!!! I will tell anyone I know that does cross stitch to visit this site! You are brilliant!!!
Re: A Cover Page
#14Covina @ 08/01/11 4:26 PM
Thank You for this!!!!! Your program have been very very helpful =) but one request [if possible] make our own fonts [from p.c. or mac] available to use in program so that we can use our own library for fonts and make new ones of our own. As you know fonts are hard to come by and this would put the icing on the cake so to speak lol
Re: A Cover Page
#15JANET cLAWSON @ 08/27/11 8:55 AM
I wish to use the program on a computer that does not connect to the internet. I managed to install the program and get it working, but do you have the user's manual available in .pdf or another format that I can download and transfer to my working computer?
Re: A Cover Page
#16Kay @ 08/27/11 12:54 PM
Is there a program out there that will graph a knitting project with colors?? Would your program work for that?

Re: A Cover Page
#17keiji @ 08/27/11 9:28 PM
Hello Janet,
Thank you for using KG-Chart.
I'll create a PDF version soon.
Re: A Cover Page
#18keiji @ 08/27/11 9:29 PM
Hello Kay,
I'm not sure what you mean by "graph a knitting project with colors". You can try LE version for free to see if it works for your purpose.
Re: A Cover Page
#19dominique @ 11/12/11 5:29 AM
Re: A Cover Page
#20dominique @ 11/12/11 5:34 AM

bravo pour ce programme et ce manuel qui une fois traduit
est facile à suivre et à comprendre
le rendu du motif imprimé est excellent et génial à broder
un grand merci
Re: A Cover Page
#21daniel fernandez @ 11/19/11 12:15 AM
please convert it?..thanks in advance
Re: A Cover Page
#22daniel fernandez @ 11/19/11 12:18 AM
pls help how can i get the program to easily convert my graduation picture into a cross stitch pattern..thaks in advance
Re: A Cover Page
#23Amanda @ 12/09/11 6:41 AM
I imported an image to have converted, but I can't seem to be able to have the backstitches already made. I only can find how to do the backstitches if I create them myself. Is there a way to have the backstitches created & the corresponding stitches around it recreated to what stitch they need to be without me having to do it manually? Thank You in advance.
Re: A Cover Page
#24ingrid @ 12/15/11 2:22 AM
Hi kenjie, its been a year now since i downloaded the first version of the KGchart, there's been a impressive development and am using it now, done about 3 pieces, i edited the colors as i progressed in the project to achieve a truer 2 color combinations, great job, thanks for the freeware.
Re: A Cover Page
#25abduh @ 12/20/11 6:57 PM
Fault report
#26Ross @ 07/21/13 9:38 PM
Hi, I'm using KG-Chart LE v1.24.04 (5/6/2012) on Windows Vista SP2, and I'm very impressed with it. But I think I've found an unfortunate bug. If I select my pattern and "Cut" it, then "Paste" it back (e.g. to reposition it), it looks as though it's worked, but if I go into "Print", or save then reload the file, the canvas is blank and my design has gone! Perhaps the "Paste" is only updating the screen work area, but not the internal data structure? Hope this helps, thanks, Ross.
Half stitches
#27Nicole @ 07/29/13 10:14 PM
How can I create a half stitch? Also how can I create a drawn line like for a belt on a girls dress? Nic
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