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Menu Bar

File: File / Print operations
Edit: Editing a chart / clip board operation etc.
Chart: Chart information etc.
View: Chaning a view etc.
Format: chart modification etc.
Tool: Setting up options etc.
Help: User registration etc.

File Menu

New... Start a new chart
Open... Open an existing chart. Current chart will be closed.
Save... Save the current chart. It will overwrite the existing chart.
Save As... Save the current chart with a new file name.
Close Close the chart.
Import Convert an image file like jpeg file into a chart.
Export Convert a current chart into a image file like jpeg file.
Preview/Print Display a print preview, and print.
Exit Close the application
Recently Used Files A list of recently used files, up to five(5)

Edit Menu

Undo Cancel the action and revert back to the previous state
Redo Redo the operation that you canceled.

Undo/Redo operation can be done for up to 25 operations.

Cut Cut the selection and put it into a clipboard.
Copy Copy the selection and put it into a clipboard.
Paste Paste the contents of the clipboard.
The image will be temporaly placed on top left of the viewing window. Once it's there, you can drag & drop the selection and move it to wherever you want. By clicking the outside of the selection, the paste operation will be comitted.
Clear All Clear the entire chart.
Crop to selection Crop the chart to fit the selection area.

Chart Menu

Information... Displays chart information (size etc)
Change Size Change the chart size
Sheet Color Change the sheet color (background color)

View Menu

View Magnitude x1~x10: Change the zooming
Mesh Mesh on/off
Mark Mark on/off
Center Mark" Center Mark on/off
Real View Real View on/off

Format Menu

Operation for the selection. (This is only for Cross Stitch - not for back stitches)
Invert vertical
Invert horizontal
Rotate Right 90 Rotate the image 90 degree to right
Rotate Left 90 Rotate the image 90 degree to left
Rotate Right 180 Rotate the image 180 degree to right

Tool Menu

Option Change application options

Help Menu

Read me Displays aKG-Chart's Readme text file.
version Displays a version information


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