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Thursday, May 12, 2011
By keiji
Ikuta Software & Design Studio
This site "Ikuta Software & Design Studio" is managed by Keiji Ikuta (Software Architect) for software development. We offer an application software called "KG-Chart for Cross Stitch/Bead Weaving" and StitchSketch on iPhone/iPad, for designers who create charts for crafts, such as cross stitch, bead weaving, iron beads, dot graphics etc.

This site is powered by TakTrack.NET system, which supports blogging, bookmarking, home page, task management etc, and developed by Keiji Ikuta.

Mozusystems, LLC
As of May 12, 2011, I have formed Mozusystems, LLC (WA, U.S.A)

This site (iktsoft.net) and related software (KG-Chart, TakTrack.NET etc.) are now under Mozusystems, LLC's management.

In reality, Keiji Ikuta continue developing and managing them, so no really big change.

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