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Creaing a new chart

To start a new chart, use the file menu "File" - "New..."
You will see the following dialog box.

Title: The title of the chart you are about to create.
Author: The name of author, which will be printed as a copyright holder. (This is available only for the shareware version)
Cloth: A type of cloth: either "Aida" or "Linen". If you chose "Linen", you can specify "Linen Threads/one stitch value.
Cloth Name: If you want to use specific cloth name other than Aida or Linen, use this text box.
Linen Th./One Stitch: The number of threads for one stitch.
Th. Count: The thread count. You can chose the unit from linen "threads/cm" or "count/inch".
Rect: Rectangle Grid: If you want use the rectangle grid (meaning width and height are different size), then check this item.
You usually won't have to check this for cross-stitch.
Chart Size: The size of the chart. You can specify that by "cm" or "count".
The max value is 1000 for the shareware version and 500 for LE version.
Palette: The color palette you want to use, either DMC or Danish Flower Thread.


Re: Creaing a new chart
#1Dalene Shaw @ 01/18/11 7:33 PM
How do you size a chart's grid to be the same as the count per inch of your Aida cloth? I want to have a "real size" image for 14 count Aida cloth. The design is the right size, but the grid is much smaller.
Re: Creaing a new chart
#2keiji @ 01/19/11 8:55 AM
Do you mean you want to "print" in real size?
If so, you can choose an option to do so in print preview setting.
Please take a look at the page: Print Preview and setup
Re: Creaing a new chart
#3Marissa @ 02/08/11 3:46 PM
Hi! Does it have picture import? Thanks!
Re: Creaing a new chart
#4keiji @ 02/09/11 7:26 AM
Yes, you can convert an image to a chart.
Please take a look at this page:
"Converting an image to a chart"
Re: Creaing a new chart
#5tran thsnh luan @ 04/27/11 10:04 PM
co cach nao xat dinh luon half stitch luon k
Re: Creaing a new chart
#6mai meo @ 10/30/11 6:07 PM
Re: Creaing a new chart
#7Joseph @ 12/27/12 7:32 PM
I think "For cross stitch, usually this shouldn't check." should be "You usually won't have to check this for cross-stitch."
Re: Creaing a new chart
#8keiji @ 12/28/12 6:09 PM
Thanks Joseph! I've updated the text.
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