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Other Stitches Drawing Toolbar

When you chose "Other Stitch" on the "Edit Mode" tab, this toolbar will be displayed.

(1) Back Stitch Selection Tool
(2) Drag Tool: Move the view by dragging the view port.
(3) Back Stitch Tool
(4) Stamp Mode on/off

When you select the Back Stitch Tool(3), "Stitch Type" toolbar will show up (5).

If you turn on the Stamp Mode, you can draw the shape by left clicking (except back stitch and cut line)

Supported Back Stitch
Cross Stitch: French Knot、Four-Sided
Hardanger embroidery: Klaster Block、Algerian Eyelet、Dove's Eye、WovenBar、Picot、Cutting Line、Button Hole Edge


Re: Other Stitches Drawing Toolbar
#1camilla @ 10/16/11 4:21 AM
why is it not possible to delete these kind of stitches. I have no trouble removing the normal cross stitches, but these are stuck.
Re: Other Stitches Drawing Toolbar
#2keiji @ 11/22/11 6:15 AM
You can use "Select" tool to select these back stitches and hit "delete" key to delete them.
Re: Other Stitches Drawing Toolbar
#3Addy @ 06/17/12 12:45 AM
Camilla, you can delete them, but you need to be in the "Other Stitch" mode, they cannot be deleted while in the "Cross Stitch" mode. Hope this helps :)
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