As I'm not a native English speaker, this document probably has many strange English sentences. So, Please use a comment form to correct any English mistakes etc.
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File/View Toolbar

(1) Create a new chart
(2) Load a existing chart
(3) Save the current chart (overwrite)
(4) Clipboard operations: Cut, Copy, Paste
(5) Undo/Redo
(6) Change the mesh size
(7) Mark on/off
(8) Mesh on/off
(9) A real mode on/off (In this case, no mesh/marks will be shown)


Re: File/View Toolbar
#1cecini @ 05/11/12 11:21 PM
je narive pas a prendre une image de mon ordinateur
Re: File/View Toolbar
#2Donna @ 03/14/13 11:35 AM
How do I use the rotate 90 degrees feature on LITE?
Re: File/View Toolbar
#3keiji @ 03/17/13 3:06 PM
Hi Donna,
Select a region you wan to rotate, and right click on the selection to show a popup window to edit.
Please refer to "Selection".
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