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Converting an image to a chart

This functionality it to be used to convert image files into a chart file.
You can import the following file types (file extensions):

jpg, png, bmp, gif, ico, tiff, tga, pcx, jp2 (Jpeg 2000)

1. Select "File" - "Import..." from the menu bar.
2. You will see a file open dialog box. Chose a file you want to convert.
3. Then, you will see a "Import" dialog box as follows. This is almost same as a "New" chart dialog box.

Title: The title of the chart you are about to create.
Author: The name of author, which will be printed as a copyright holder. (This is available only for the shareware version)
Cloth: A type of cloth: either "Aida" or "Linen". If you chose "Linen", you can specify "Linen Threads/one stitch value.
Cloth Name: If you want to use specific cloth name other than Aida or Linen, use this text box.
Linen Th./One Stitch: The number of threads for one stitch.
Th. Count: The thread count. You can chose the unit from linen "threads/cm" or "count/inch".
Rect: Rectangle Grid: If you want use the rectangle grid (meaning width and height are different size), then check this item. For cross stitch, usually this shouldn't check.
Chart Size: The size of the chart. You can specify that by "cm" or "count".
The max value is 1000 for the shareware version and 500 for LE version.
Palette: The color palette you want to use, either DMC or Danish Flower Thread.
Colors: The number of colors you want to use for the chart. Please note that the conversion will not generate the exact number of color, rather it generates around the number you specified (but will not exceed it). The number should be the power of 2: 2,4,8,16,32,64,128. The actual numbers of color generated will be usually less than that due to some consolidation of colors etc based on my color reducing algorithm.


Re: Converting an image to a c
#1gary @ 12/14/10 7:44 AM
how do i convert sth to a windows format ?
Re: Converting an image to a c
#2Cheryll @ 12/19/10 7:15 PM
may i download this to my windows xp. I am looking for a frre download to convert photos to cross stitch.
Re: Converting an image to a c
#3cheryll @ 12/19/10 7:17 PM
thanks for comment
Re: Converting an image to a c
#4keiji @ 12/24/10 8:43 AM
Yes, KG-Chart should work on Windows XP.
Re: Converting an image to a c
#5isa @ 07/13/11 1:49 AM
would i be able to use this program for a cross stich that is width 43cm by 21cm, covered completely by cross stitch?
Re: Converting an image to a c
#6keiji @ 07/13/11 8:32 PM
Using 28 count/inch cloth, it would be about 240 x 115 count cross stitch chart, which will be about 43cm x 21 cm.
So, yes, you can use KG-Chart to edit that size of chart.
Re: Converting an image to a c
#7isa @ 07/15/11 2:14 PM
thank you ^^
for the print preview of the palette table, for the finished size it says 130.62cm by 65.31cm, i used 14 count thread. isn't is supposed to be 41cm by 23cm in dimensions?
Re: Converting an image to a c
#8san @ 09/01/11 9:18 AM
My color table symbols do not match the symbols in my chart. How do I correct it? And, there are some areas in the chart with no symbols.
Re: Converting an image to a c
#9sissy @ 10/01/11 1:49 PM
can i save in acrobat? If so, how? thanks
Re: Converting an image to a c
#10keiji @ 10/03/11 7:57 AM
Hello San,
Do you still have the issue? That sounds strange and If you can send the file to kgchart at, I will investigate and might be able to fix it.
Keiji Ikuta
Re: Converting an image to a c
#11keiji @ 10/03/11 8:02 AM
Hello sissy,
You can do that by using so called "Print to PDF" software.
Please refer to my blog post:
How to generate a PDF file from KG-Chart
Re: importing problem
#12coskun @ 04/08/12 6:50 AM
when I try to import a 'jpg' picture it says 'ı'm sorry I couldn't read the file' What is wrong
Re: Converting an image to a chart
#13sandra @ 05/04/12 7:34 AM
im having and issue im trying to make my project come out in 2 pages. not 13 i hhave no idea how to do this. dont want to waste too much paper
Re: Converting an image to a chart
#14keiji @ 05/04/12 7:41 PM
Hi Sandra,
To control the number of pages, you need to adjust a mesh size.
Please refer to Printing a chart help page. I think you need to make it really small if you try to print a large chart into 2 pages...
Re: Converting an image to a chart
#15maheshika @ 08/09/12 4:02 AM
i want to download this
Re: Converting an image to a chart
#16Rhonda @ 10/30/12 7:28 AM
when the chart is done is it going to have the colors on it from the picture i converted or do i have to choose the colors myself for the chart?
Re: Converting an image to a chart
#17keiji @ 10/31/12 11:58 AM
Hi Rhonda,
It automatically assigns colors.
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