As I'm not a native English speaker, this document probably has many strange English sentences. So, Please use a comment form to correct any English mistakes etc.
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Print contents

(1) Title
(2) Author name (only available for a shareware version)
(3) A center of the chart marker
(4) Scale

(1) A chart information
(2) A color table
(3) A finished size: You can change the unit in the print preview screen.

The color table uses a stitch type as a sorting.
A mark, a color#, and the number of stitches will be output.

A comment section will be printed after the color table.

If you chose "Finished Image", the first page will be a real mode image of the entire chart in one page.


Re: Print contents
#1Brenda @ 09/22/10 2:59 PM
Is there some way to save/export a copy of the color chart?
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