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Saving a chart in a standard image format

You can export the chart image as a regular image file.

The file types you can save:
jpg, png, bmp, tif, tga, pcx

The type of image you can export are as follows:

Raw Image: One stitch will be 2x2 dot image. This is because of quarter stitches. (In other word, one quarter stitch = 1 pixel.) Only cross stitch data will be export. (No back stitches, as those are vector data)

Current Image: The exact view you are seeing will be exported. For example, if you are using a view with a real mode and "x4" magnification, the exported image will be a entire chart with that setting. Backstitches will be there too. This is the best way to create a image file of as is of viewing. What you see is what you get as a image file.

1. If you want to use "Current Image" mode, set the view magnification, real mode on/off, grid on/off etc. If you want to use "Raw Image", no setting will affect the data.
2. Chose a "File" - "Export" menu item.

3. Click "OK" and you will see a file save dialog box, and save the file.


Re: Saving a chart in a standa
#1olga @ 06/05/10 4:21 PM
Me encantó este programa. Es muy bueno y se imprime muy bien. Sólo no sé guardar en mi PC cada gráfico por parte en imagen JPG. Me ha sido muy útil.Saludos
Re: Saving a chart in a standa
#2Marissa @ 02/11/11 12:16 PM
"I´m sorry I couldn´t write the file" is the message I´ve been receiving when trying to export as image. Is this because it´s a free version? Please let me know. Your software is awesome!
Re: Saving a chart in a standa
#3Marissa @ 02/11/11 12:28 PM
P.S. I´ve just downloaded version 14 and the same message keeps on appearing when trying to export as "raws" and as "current". Messagre RC=301
Hope this helps! Please let me know.
Re: Saving a chart in a standa
#4keiji @ 02/15/11 6:13 PM
It's strange - It works fine here...
Which windows version are you using? (Windows 7? English? etc.)
Re: Saving a chart in a standard image format
#5Kaiteh @ 11/23/12 3:58 PM
I have a suggestion about exporting files. I have read through the manual and when you print it the color chart comes up too, but when you export the file as a jpeg or something the color hart doesn't export with it. Is it suppose to export out too or just the image? I would like if it could export out too then I don't have to open the export up in paint and then add the colors beside it.
Re: Saving a chart in a standard image format
#6Kristina @ 12/22/12 5:09 AM
What is the solution to the RC=301 error received when attempt to export a chart and convert current view to other file?
Re: Saving a chart in a standard image format
#7Bethan @ 01/10/13 11:18 AM
Is there any way to export the file with the numbers down the side, too?
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