How to generate a PDF file from KG-Chart

Monday, April 25, 2011
By keiji
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As we all know, a PDF is a standard format to exchange documents.
If you need to generate a PDF file from KG-Chart, please try this way.

1. Install "PDF print driver"
There are many software that act like a "printer", but actually generate a PDF file instead of printing it.
One of the popular software of that kind is CutePDF.
They provide a free version called CutePDF Writer.

Just to make sure to download two files: Free Converter (GPLGS) and PDF writer

2. Use "CutePDF" when printing
Once you have install the CutePDF, you should be able to select the "CutePDF Writer" as a printer.
So, just select it and print.

When you click on "Print" button, you will be asked where you want to save the file.
Choose a folder and name the file appropriately.
(A default file name will be "KG-Chart.pdf", so change it as you wish.)

Any application can use this method to generate a PDF file.


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