StitchSketch Speedup Project (4)

Saturday, March 09, 2013
By keiji
The project to improve the StitchSketch is now almost done. It will soon be available.
Here is the highlight of what's changed.

Performance Improvement
The primary goal of this project is of course the performance improvement.
This version is much better and most of the case it is very smooth - About x6 to x60 times faster than before.

Technically speaking, it is a switch from HTML5/Canvas/JavaScript to CoreGraphics/OpenGL ES2/C++.

Dark Gray Theme & a color List for drawing tools
A little bit change of look & feel.
For drawing tools, a color list is on the right side of the screen for easier selection of colors.

Resizing a Chart
Now it is possible to resize the chart (Shrink/Enlarge the chart). (This is different from resizing a canvas size)

New/Improved Real view
Due to improvement of graphics engine, it is now possible to do better real view.
A peg view added.
Beads view improved.

Tracing Paper
This helps you trance a photo and convert to a chart. You have to trace manually. You can change the transparency of the image.

Load a photo for tracing.

Change the transparency.

Trace it!

On/Off the image to check your tracing.

Other changes
  • "Gallery"
    • page performance improvement
    • Thumbnail size - big/small
  • PDF generator bug fixes
  • Ruler: Numbering from bottom to top - some bug fixes
  • Other bug fixes


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