HP LP2475w Quick Review

Friday, January 23, 2009
By keiji
Category: PC

If you want to know the detailed technical review, go visit this page:
HP LP2475W by Simon Baker, 9 September 2008
It is a pretty good review site with details, especially with the color calibration results.

Here, I'll comment from my point of view, after having used this monitor for a few weeks.

The first thing I did after having setup the display was to calibrate it. The default setting is way too bright, and color is not accurate even at a glance.
I used Spyder 2 Pro. After the calibration, the brightness, contrast, and colors all look very good.
In case you want to know the setting values, here it is:

Brightness: 17
Contrast: 65
R: 255
G: 240
B: 225

These values, which is set just from OSD, is even pretty good actually and produce a good result. With a hardware calibration, which setup the video display card's LUT, it gets very good color accuracy.
After the calibration, photos on this display look very good - sharp, crisp, vivid, with good contrast - the black is black. It is far better than my old CRT display.
I compared this with my MacBook Pro - the color and image quality are pretty much same (even though photos on MacBook Pro look shiny, due to the glossy screen.)

One of the important feature I wanted was a easy accessible button to select input sources so that I can use the monitor for two (or more) PCs. This monitor has a "Quick Select" button which pop up OSD input selection and I can choose input source easily.

The OSD menu is reasonably designed and is easy to use.

This monitor has bunch of input connectors!

The stand is solid and well built.

The photo below shows how thick the display body is.

Overall, I think this monitor is very good regarding color accuracy and viewing quality.
Combined with super-high resolution, this is very good choice for photo editing and programming.
Highly recommend:)



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