Happy New Year 2015

Thursday, January 01, 2015
By keiji
Happy New Year!

My main project right now is combining KG-Chart and StitchSketch as a one app.
Last year, I have spent a lot of time building the foundation of the application for the cross platform.
However, I had some trouble developing on some platform - specifically Android platform - it is quite a difficult OS to work with.
Therefore, the main target is still iOS, and the second targets will be OSX and Windows. I can't say I even be able to release on Android platform at all at this point unless Google (or any 3rd vendor) provide better development tool set.

As the first phase of this project, I will be releasing my second iOS app - "Color Spatioplotter" iOS version.
The original one was developed quite a long time ago (around 2003). (Old Color Spatioplotter)
It was using my own Win32 library and 3D graphics engine.
This time, using my new library, which is fully utilizing C++/11 and DirectX11, the app performs better, and it is fun to be able to use it on iPhone/iPad.

Hope this year is going to be great for you all.



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