Zune wireless sync on Windows Server 2008

Thursday, March 05, 2009
By keiji
Today, I tried to use the wireless sync functionality of Zune, but got an error when the player trying "Connecting to PC".

First, checked and tried various setting based on MS support page:

It didn't solve the issue.

Then, I carefully reviewed the services one by one, then I discovered enabling following services made it work:
(I'm using Windows Server 2008 x64)

  • PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator
  • Zune Network Sharing Service
  • Zune Wireless Configuration Service
  • SSDP Discovery


Re: Zune wireless sync on Wind
#1Fartmeißter @ 03/29/09 1:48 PM
Thanks for the tip! Zune Wireless Configuration Service is not required though (this service is only used by your Zune Player to configure the wireless sync settings the first time you set it up).

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