New PC's Case and PSU (1)

Thursday, February 05, 2009
By keiji
Category: PC
This time, a computer case and a power supply are something I spent more time to research than before.

When I built my old PC, I chose an Antec SLK3700BQE. The case was designed for quiter PC with a lot of drive bays which uses rubber grommets to mount HDDs, and came with 350 watt power supply. Overall, it was quite a good case, and I have been satisfied with it. I liked the design too: a simple black case with a front cover panel and easy accessible side panel. The construction is very good.
Due to this experience, I liked the Antec brand.

Now, for my brand new PC I'm building, I focused following consideration:
  1. A case for quiet PC
    The quiet PC consideration should be a part of the case design.
  2. Quieter PSU
    There are quiter PSU from various power supply maker, and reviews indicate those are far better than low end models.
  3. More max power
    Considering the core i7 920 and possible GTX graphics card, I need to have more than 650W.
  4. Simple look & feel design, with front cover panel
    The front cover panel is essential because I have a 1 year old baby who want to push whatever he can reach.
  5. Plenty of HDD trays
    I'm thinking to build a RAID array (at least mirring) and I have a couple of HDDs already that I want to migrate to this new PC, so it need to have reasonable number of bays.



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