Special Format - Map

Interactive Map
To generate a map object, use the following command:

[[mapobj: lat=latitude; long=longitude; zoom=zoom_level; mode=map_mode; width=map_width; height=map_height;title=pin_title]]

lat: latitude
long: longitude
zoom: 1 - 19 : 1:zoomed out - 19:zoomed in (default is 14)
mode: VEMapStyle.{Road Shaded Aerial Hybrid Oblique Birdseye BirdseyeHybrid} (default is "VEMapStyle.Road")
width: a width of the map (e.g. 90%) (default is 500px)
height: a height of the map (e.g. 300px) (default is 400px)
title: title of the pin
addr: address of the pin

For example:
[[mapobj: lat=45.525615; long=-122.672986; zoom=14; mode=VEMapStyle.Hybrid; width=90%; height=300px;title=Where is this?]]

[[mapobj: lat=45.525615; long=-122.672986; zoom=14; mode=VEMapStyle.Road; width=90%; height=300px;title=Where is this?]]

Map Link
Use [[maplink:]] to create a link. You need to provide the title to make it a link. Use "addr" parameter to put a pin.

[[maplink: lat=45.52203; long=-122.637528; addr=2728 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214;title=Crema Bakery & Cafe]]
Crema Bakery & Cafe

Map Reference
Virtual Earth Map Control SDK, version 6.2 - VEMap.LoadMap Method
Build your own URL for maps.live.com