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  • Feb. 20, 2011: KG-Chart Pro/LE ver 1.14
  • Nov. 4, 2010: KG-Chart/LE ver 1.12
  • May. 12, 2010: KG-Chart/LE ver 1.09.08
  • Mar. 23, 2009: KG-Chart/LE ver 1.09.06
  • Oct. 9, 2009: KG-Chart/LE/Viewer ver 1.09.05
  • Jun. 9, 2008: KG-Chart/LE/Viewer ver 1.09.04
  • Apr. 15, 2008: KG-Chart/LE/Viewer ver 1.09.00
  • Apr. 10, 2006: KG-Chart/LE/Viewer ver 1.08.03
  • Feb. 27, 2006: KG-Chart/LE/Viewer ver 1.08.02
  • Mar. 17, 2004: KG-Chart/LE/Viewer ver 1.07.11

Ver 1.14 1/15/2011
(Pro & LE)
  • A cell size of palette window now got bigger
  • A direction of Woven Bar's icon was wrong
  • When a background color was chosen from DMC color, threads of the same color were not printed
  • Export's raw output now have 1x1 or 2x2 options
  • "Save As" now uses original file name. When new it uses chart title
  • Symbols color (black or white) was not aware of stitch color. It was before, but got broken on 1.12.
  • When saving as a image file (export), even though it was saved correctly, it was displaying error message.
  • Marks was always black regardless of stitch's color. (It got broken when ver 1.12 was released)

(Pro only)
  • COSMO Palette (No.1500)
  • The arrangement of DMC palette now based on the latest color chart(W100NC)
  • All the colors from the latest DMC color chart are now included, including variable color threads.
  • The max chart size is now 2000x2000

Ver 1.12 10/25/2010

  • NEW: Use a new registration key
  • "Export" didn't display an error message if something failed to export the image. Fixed.
  • When changing a chart size, other stitches got offset. Fixed.
  • Changed a default color for printing to "color" print. The selection will be remembered.
    The preview will show the color choice.
    "Fill/Color" is now "Fill", which is an option for either fill the mesh or not.
    The choice of color printing is in a separate checkbox.
  • When "color" is not selected, the chart will be printed with gray colors.
  • The choice of paper type and direction will be remembered.
  • When saving or printing, the offset of view was moved. Fixed.
  • Printing layout was sometimes overflowing a page. Fixed.
  • An option to on/off the printing cloths color.
  • From selected color list, "Delete"/"Change Color" now will process other stitches.

Ver 1.09.08 4/2/2010
  • BUG: Some printers couldn't print the chart correctly.
  • BUG: A printer setup window didn't save the setting and caused KG-Chart not being able to preview/print.
  • NEW: When showing the print preview window, a parent window will be hidden.
  • BUG: Some non-English characters causes KG-Chart not being able to open a file.
  • NEW: Now you can change the print margin.
  • NEW: Now you can specify the pages you want to print.
  • BUG: When the grid is large, sometimes the page number was over wrapped.

Ver 1.09.06 5/23/2009
  • When using back color, there was a case the paste function didn't work correctly.
  • When using remote desktop or there is no system palette, the program couldn't start.
  • When saving a chart as a image file, the actual file format was different from what a user specified.
  • When resizing a chart, there was a case that some image was duplicated.
  • When the system language is other than English/Japanese, the program couldn't start.

Ver 1.09.05 2008/10/09
  • A five-step bold grid line was not printed
  • "Total Count" was two times larger than actual size.
  • BW's mesu-hyou, the Line number is now 000/000 format (Ascending/Descending values)

Ver 1.09.04 2008/06/09
  • The user specified file name was ignored when saving as a image file.
  • The last used color was not recorded
  • After deleting a color from the selected list, the undo operation caused invalid selection of the list.
  • A new "Crop to selection" function
  • In the chart information dialog box, the chart size is now recalculated.
  • A mesh size when printing is now selectable from 0.1 mm - 30.00 mm.
  • "Actual size" button for printing.
  • In the chart information dialog box, a created date/time and updated date/time are now shown.
  • Importing image now uses actual size to keep the aspect ratio of the original image.
  • A color of the mesh for printing is now right gray.
  • Printing with a mesh on/off and marks on/off.
  • Importing small image was sometimes incorrect.

  • Fixed: An application error when changing background color.
  • Fixed: An application error when copying backstitches.

  • DMC New Colors/ Obsolete color flags
  • New 14 Symbols
  • Bugfix: Some symbol was not displayed.
  • @ -> Section Sign
  • CxImage: Additional Image formats for import/export: (bmp/png/jpg/ico/gif/tiff)
  • Max chart size now 500x500

  • The first English version released.