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Here is some main features of the KG-Chart for Bead Weaving.

This is a main screen snapshot.

Each stitch has a color and a mark.

Stitch: Rectangle, Ellipse, Flood fill, eraser.

Color Palette
You can use a color palette for Delica Beads and TOHO Best Beads.
(Note: These color palette are my original adjusted colors. It might be a little different from the actual colors, depends on environment (e.g. display, lighting), and is intended to be used as a guide.)

Color List / Marks
The colors selected are listed with marks. You can change the colors/marks.
Also, you can check how much stitches each stitch has.

Print Preview
You can see a print/preview screen. The chart is divided into multiple pages automatically.
You can change a mesh size and a paper size

Print Preview
You can import a picture and convert it to a chart.
Original Photo

Converted. 100x75, 30 colors, real view mode