StitchSketch 2.54

Sunday, January 03, 2021
By keiji
I have just fixed the auto-code assignment issue.
It should be available soon.


Re: StitchSketch 2.54
#1NS @ 01/09/21 1:57 AM
After the new update of StitchSketch for iPad, the DMC color pallete was totally changed, and it’s REAL DISASTER!!! The colors in program looks very incorrect, it’s impossible to design with them anymore ( For example, blue looks like dirty purple, purple looks like pink etc, green are all terrible ). I’ve been using this program during 3 years, yes it was having some bugs and not perfect, but was comfortable enough for designing. And now with new update I’m very frustrated because cannot still use it . Please, fix the DMC colors, at least return they look like it was before, it was not perfect but so much better that now.
Also could you fix the preview of real stitches, they look very thin, could you make them bolder? Please?
Re: StitchSketch 2.54
#2keiji @ 01/10/21 5:53 PM
Thank you for your comment. I'll review the palette. It could be caused by my new monitor and lighting.
Re: StitchSketch 2.54
#3Elle @ 02/02/21 7:24 AM
How to copy portion of chart in one file and paste it into another working file? When I copy to clipboard and open my other working file sometimes it pastes sometimes it does not.

Thank you.
Re: StitchSketch 2.54
#4Christina @ 02/11/22 6:34 PM
Is it possible to tweed/blend colors? I can’t seem to find any button or option for it.
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