Transfering StitchSketch chart files between LE and Full

Monday, April 08, 2013
By keiji
If you were using StitchSketch LE, and later purchased StitchSketch Full version, you might wonder where are all those files you created with LE version?

Those are still in the document folder of StitchSketch LE application.

In iOS, Apple made it clear that each application has its own "sandbox", in which all the data for the application are stored in it, and no other application can access that. (It's good security protection)

So, to open those files with StitchSketch Full version, you need to transfer them from LE version's folder to Full version's folder.

The document "StitchSketch 101 Transferring a Chart" (In StitchSketch User's Manual Page) explains how to transfer chart files.
In summary:
  • Use "email" to yourself. You then can open it using either LE version or Full version.
  • Use iTunes on PC/Mac. Just copy files from LE to Full.
  • Use "Dropbox". Just copy files from LE to Full.
Using these method, you can use your chart files with Full version.


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