Map Projections - CIA World Data Bank II

Thursday, July 05, 2001
By keiji
I loved the map projections when I was child. Here it came back...
This program is a viewer of "CIA World Data Bank II Map", which is distributed by CIA
as vector data of all over the world. It contains coastal outlines, country boundaries, and lines of rivers.
I'm planning to make this program have capability to map with various projection systems.

Sample Screen
Cylindrical Equidistant

Sanson-Flamsteed Sinusoidal


Winkel Tripel

Map Projection
  • Maple Applications: Maps
    by Ross Taylor and Richard Baur, Department of Chemical Engineering, Clarkson University and by John Oprea, Department of Mathematics, Cleveland State University

  • A C version of GCTP (FTP site)
    GCTP(General Cartographic Transformation Package) was developed by EROS Data Center and is one of the oldest systems.

Vector data