StitchSketch - Peyote Pattern

Thursday, September 20, 2012
By keiji
I'm currently working on Peyote Pattern editing functionality.
It is kind of tricky functionality, but, at the same time, kind of fun to implement it.

Still need to take time to fully implement it - please wait a little bit more...


Re: StitchSketch - Peyote Pattern
#1Bobby @ 05/24/19 4:34 AM
How To change a loomweaving bead pattern in To/To in a Peyote Pattern. Example a bee or butterfly or flower in this peyote ???
I have own patterns in cross stich or crochet bead pattern To How To dray this in peyote and am so in love with this pattern that I want to use it in beadwork.

How To draw this peyote stitch in a triangel for make a kaleidocycle beadwork ?

I have the app under a different hacker protection account and mail account.
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