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Erasing in mass

#18183Catherine E. Romba @ 10/11/19 02:19 AM
I have an image that I intend to do on white Aida. So I don't need to stitch the massive amount of white in my pattern. Is it possible to select the symbol representing the white and erase in mass? Erasing one by one will take a long time! Thank you


Re: Erasing in mass
#18344Chelsea @ 04/14/20 7:13 PM
In case you weren't able to get it to work, deleting the symbol assigned to your "white" background will delete all stitches with that symbol. This means if your image contains any white (e.g. eyes, clouds, etc.) you will need to manually place back in anything that was deleted. It's a bit tedious, but way simpler than deleting the backdrop one by one!

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