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KG for MAC?

#11041Eliza @ 09/18/10 07:52 AM

I was wondering when you guys will make a KG program for mac users, i use a site that uses this program and sadly i can not use it, or view patterns...

PLease please make a version for little old mac users.


Re: KG for MAC?
#11133keiji @ 10/12/10 11:26 AM
Unfortunately, it's very difficult to create a Mac version of this software. However, I'm planning to TRY to create a viewer for Mac and iPad, but not sure when I can release it - maybe early next year.
Re: KG for MAC?
#12513Lord Libidan @ 06/27/11 7:16 AM
Are you still planning to make a mac viewer keiji? I know a lot of people that are waiting for it. Or could you give out information so others can make a program for it? I know of a few people in forums that would be able to do that.
Re: KG for MAC?
#12523keiji @ 06/28/11 9:18 AM
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do try it yet.
Due to the restriction the library I'm currently using, virtually I need to create a program from zero. Also I still need to raise fund to setup environment etc for the development on OSX. So, I'm not sure when I can do this.
However, an alternative I'm thinking right now is a Web version (then, OS doesn't matter...) I'm actually a web developer too and this route might be much easier, I think. (The rendering engine might be on server side to make it even simpler at first.)

I'll post about this on my blog.
Re: KG for MAC?
#15350Sam @ 02/13/13 6:14 PM
I was wondering how this was coming for us Mac users!!! I hope you were able to figure it out!
Re: KG for MAC?
#16556Kristin @ 03/17/15 3:07 PM
Is there a converter to .pdf for .sth files? I've heard that there's a way to do it within the program, which I can't download! There are so many beautiful patterns I'd love to access. Thank you!

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