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Chart Export

#10960Amy @ 09/07/10 09:15 PM
I'm having problems exporting data. When I go through the file menu and choose export, once I get to the screen where it asks me if I want a .jpg, .bmp, etc. I've attempted every available option but the newly exported .jpg (for example) never shows up in the location I tell it to save to.

Thank you!

Also, thank you for the software! It is quite easy to use and I've enjoyed the patterns that I've made with it so far.


Re: Chart Export
#11010keiji @ 09/10/10 12:05 PM
It sounds strange...
If possible, could you try saving the file to, let's say, C:\temp\ ?
(You might need to create the folder beforehand.)

I'm wondering if this is anything to do with the folder name you are using. (KG-Chart had a problem of that before, so the issue might still remain...)

Thank you,
Re: Chart Export
#18231Laura @ 12/12/19 8:53 AM
Hello. I am having this same problem all of a sudden. When I export the image and save it as a jpeg, it is saving it as a document. It is only doing this with one pattern. I have tested it with others and they work fine. I even deleted and remade the pattern and it won't export it.

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