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Image import

#10503Eluna @ 03/27/10 01:16 PM

I can not import any kind of images. KG Chart always say "it can not read the file"..... help please


Re: Image import
#10513keiji @ 03/31/10 5:13 PM
First, please use "Import" from the file menu to load image files. (In case you don't know the menu item)

Second, there is a known bug that if the file name or the folder name where the file is in has non-English character, KG-Chart sometimes can't read the file. (I know only Japanese character cases, but could happen other languages too)
So, please try to use English only characters for the file name etc.
If changing the file name doesn't work, please let me know the OS version/language.

I'm working on the issue and am going to release the fixed version soon.

Thank you
Re: Image import
#10524Alice Fredenburg @ 04/08/10 4:50 PM
I cannot seem to get my picture and the grafting on the screen together ,please give me step by step instrutions I thank you.
Re: Image import
#10526keiji @ 04/08/10 11:32 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by "to get my picture and the grafting on the screen together".
Could you explain what you are trying to do with a little more detail?
Re: Image import
#10588alice @ 04/11/10 1:03 PM
Ihave two photos in my photo gallery and they are tagged. I cannot import them, help.
Re: Image import
#10938fatima @ 09/03/10 2:01 AM
I also cannot import any images, none of my images have Non-English character and I always use import from file menu. However, it still says sorry ı cannot read.
please help...
Re: Image import
#11270Dusan @ 11/04/10 10:05 AM

me too, have problem with picture import in KG Chart, he always say "it can not read the file"

I'm using Windows7 Professional and my picture is named in English characters. I have tried to turn on Windows XP compatibiliti mode but it's still doesn't work.

Please help, or tell us what to do?
Re: Image import
#11281keiji @ 11/04/10 11:21 AM
Could you try the latest version just released, to see if it fixes the issue or not?
I'm not sure exactly what causing the issue for you guys, but I want to know some of the changes I made affects the issue or not.
You can download it from "Download Page."
I appreciate your feedback.
Re: Image import
#12510Salkis @ 06/26/11 6:29 AM
I have the same problem as the guys already mentioned here. I can´t import any pictures. I´ve downloaded version you put here but it still doesn´t work. It says "I´m sorry I couldn´t read the file". It´s properly named (in english characrers), so I don´t know where the problem is. Could you please suggest any solution to fix it??
thank you

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