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Keyboard Typing Glitch

#18120Eva @ 05/31/19 08:49 AM
So I only have the free version at the minute, so unsure if it will change if I buy the full version, but whenever I type a number into the pallete, (using either keyboard), things start to bug out.
The main thing that happens is that the chart size changes. I think occasionally other options might change but this is the one which I'm noticing the most.

I don't know if this is an issue with my laptop or not?


Re: Keyboard Typing Glitch
#18140marys @ 07/10/19 12:51 AM
i have the license and it still happens to me.hope it is fixed
Re: Keyboard Typing Glitch
#18449Kate @ 07/29/20 12:59 PM
Did this ever get resolved or even responded to? I am having the same problem and have emailed for support.

Even to enter the registration key I had to cut and paste into the text box because I can't type into anything. So frustrating.
Re: Keyboard Typing Glitch
#18456keiji @ 07/30/20 2:48 PM
Please try ver 1.40 beta.
You can download it from here:
Ver 1.40 beta

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