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Transferring data to new iPad

#16965CP @ 05/29/16 07:37 AM
I am getting my wife a new iPad because she has filled her current one up. I am trying to figure this out, as this seems to be the only app that she has data in that can't be backed up and restored. I saw you can use Dropbox, but she has over 200 patterns, and that would be a little time consuming... Hoping someone has used iCloud or iTunes backup to restore before and has experience.


Re: Transferring data to new iPad
#16967keiji @ 05/31/16 6:20 AM
You can use iTunes file sharing to copy files between mobile device and PC. Please refer to Apple support page:

Re: Transferring data to new iPad
#17044Liza @ 07/30/16 11:57 AM
I cannot open the Dropbox files once they have been saved there.
Re: Transferring data to new iPad
#17102Liza @ 10/20/16 7:37 AM
How do I get the files to save to iTunes since it isn't an option to do so? Why isn't it able to be set to auto for the preferred method?
how to down load free kg cross stitch
#17334Debra Peterson` @ 02/11/17 9:58 AM
can not get this to down load to my new pc- can anyone help

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