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KG-Chart Pro for Cross Stitch ver 1.24.04

#16165Marguerite McEwen @ 04/20/14 01:53 PM
I have been using the above software for a number of yrs and was able to save my charts as I was designing them until recently. Can you tell me where I can buy the software? I live in the UK.


Re: KG-Chart Pro for Cross Stitch ver 1.24.04
#16690Linda Smith @ 10/18/15 4:43 PM
I'm trying to save my work on my iPad Mini using StitchSketch Pro. I have put the same pattern in 4 times & tried to save or use PDFs & they are not showing up in the Gallery. Why? I'm getting tired of continually putting the loom pattern in & not being able to bring it back up to edit or add more to it. I'm really disappointed in this. Thought I'd found the ideal program for my designs.
Re: KG-Chart Pro for Cross Stitch ver 1.24.04
#18133alex @ 06/30/19 2:11 AM
Good afternoon, how can I get the key if I am in Russia?
trial version 1.28.

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