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Making Backstitches on iPad

#15138Melanie @ 11/27/12 01:36 AM
I can't seem to figure out how to draw backstitches. I have tried every button and searched the user's manual. What am I missing? Thanks.


Re: Making Backstitches on iPad
#15143keiji @ 11/27/12 12:05 PM
Unfortunately, right now, StitchSketch doesn't support back stitches.
(Same to other type of stitches: no quarter stitches, half stitches, etc)
I'm working on implementing those special stitches, as it is the No.1 requested feature, but until then, please wait for a while.
Thank you,
Re: Making Backstitches on iPad
#17735Kathryn Archuleta @ 01/05/18 8:45 AM
Is this something you are still working on?? I tried to do a Perler Bead pattern of a Star of David but when I tried to do one of the tips of the star, which was in a basic pyramid pattern, I couldn't get it to do the row with 2 beads so that it was CENTERED correctly on top of the row with 3 beads. No matter what I tried it either put it aligned with the Left side of the row below (w/3 beads) or all the way to the right side!!

HELP!! Got any ideas???

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