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App Error

#14104Azzarine @ 03/29/12 02:29 AM
I used your program since several months, the lastest version, but today, when I want import a jpeg file to make a pattern, the program crash a 50% converting and say me : "Memory can't be read. Click OK to shutdown the program. Click Cancel to debug the program." I click OK and KG is closed.
I'm trying import another image and it's the same thing... The program has never say that before today. Yet yesterday, I successfully import a jpeg file and make the pattern...

What is the problem, can you, or me, fix it ?

Thank you


Re: App Error
#14108keiji @ 03/30/12 6:09 AM
Is there any difference in size (file size or image size in pixel) that the files you are trying to convert?
Could you try to resize the image before importing to see how it goes?
Re: App Error
#14109keiji @ 03/30/12 8:55 AM
I have some questions:
1. Are you using the latest version? (1.24.02)
If not, please download and install it to see if it solve the issue.

2. What is your OS and language?
e.g. Windows 7 Home - English
Re: App Error
#14130Azzarine @ 03/31/12 12:41 AM
I used the latest version and i'm under XP french langage.

But my problem is now solved. I convert my image into the same file type (jpeg to jpeg) and KG Chart convert her. there should be a problem whit the img compression.

in any case, thank you for your answer.

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