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#13899Amanda @ 12/09/11 06:53 AM
I imported an image to have converted, but I can't seem to be able to have the backstitches already made. I only can find how to do the backstitches if I create them myself. Is there a way to have the backstitches created & the corresponding stitches around it recreated to what stitch they need to be without me having to do it manually? Thank You in advance.


Re: Backstitches...
#13902keiji @ 12/09/11 7:43 AM
Hello Amanda,
Unfortunately, KG-Chart can't generate backstitches automatically.
It would be nice to be able to do so, but not yet implemented.
Re: Backstitches...
#14208Roxane @ 05/07/12 3:35 PM
Can backstitches be deleted? I put some in a design I was making and then wanted to get rid of them. I cannot figure out how to erase them. Is there a way?
Re: Backstitches...
#14221keiji @ 05/07/12 9:08 PM
Hi Roxane,

In a "Other Stitch" tab, chose "Selection" tool.
Then, select backstitches you want to delete and hit a "Delete" key. (Or, right click on the selection, and chose "Cut" from a popup menu)

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