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Virtual Image

#13881Cindy @ 12/08/11 04:36 AM
When I started using the software I was able to copy and paste the virtual image from the pdf file created from print. Now it will only let me highlight a portion of the the image to copy. I use the virtual image to show what the completed pattern will look like.


Re: Virtual Image
#13901keiji @ 12/09/11 7:41 AM
Hi Cindy,
I'm not sure what you mean by "virtual image from the pdf file created from print".
Could you clarify that?
KG-Chart can cut/copy/paste only the data within KG-Chart.
(That means, you can cut/copy by selecting in KG-Chart, and paste it in KG-Chart. No data from outside tool can be pasted)
Re: Virtual Image
#13917Cindy @ 12/15/11 3:07 PM
When you click to print and you check Finished Image, you get an image placed at the top of the file. I like to copy and paste this image to show what the finished product will look like. I have been able to highlight the image and save as a jpg file. Now I can only highlight a portion of the image.
Re: Virtual Image
#13920Cindy @ 12/16/11 8:06 AM
I figured out a way around this problem. I just export at 1x.

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