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How to increase the number of colors

#13754Meiling @ 11/26/11 11:58 AM
I just download the newest version and have been trying to test its functions. It is really an awesome software.

I used the picture of a cross-stitching pattern I have to test your program. I discovered that the number of colors is significantly reduced, and the pattern seems to have more artifacts. Is there a way I could increase the number of colors so that the result could stay close to its original image?

Thank you very much for your attention.


Re: How to increase the number of colors
#13759keiji @ 11/26/11 9:03 PM
Right now, when converting an image to a chart, the number of colors would be at most 128 colors. Then, depends on the color distribution of the original image, that could be reduced to around 80~90 colors automatically, because the colors of threads (DMC) doesn't distinguish the difference of those colors, that means, similar colors will be combined into a same color, and this process could end up with reducing the number of colors in result.
I would like to improve this algorithm in the near future, but, for now this the limitation of current KG-Chart.
Re: How to increase the number of colors
#13918Cindy @ 12/16/11 7:32 AM
I wait egarly for more colors. Will you have a way to add more colors to a pallete and a way to blend different floss manufatures. I would love to be able to blend colors like DMC with J&P coats. This is one of the easiest crostitch programs that I have used. I love it!
#13919guest @ 12/16/11 8:00 AM

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