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Marks Not Printing for certain colors?

#12298Alicia @ 05/16/11 08:22 AM
I was really impressed by the conversions done with this program, but when I tried to print, many of the marks vanished! Every color was assigned a mark (I'm guessing the program wouldn't allow selected colors to not be marked, but just figured I'd state that) but in the print preview, about half the colors are blank, both in the chart and the key. They do not appear in the print either. I tried changing the marks, but it didn't help. Has anyone had this problem?


Re: Marks Not Printing for cer
#12300Servotron @ 05/16/11 12:53 PM
I think it is just to do with the print preview and the resolution it is at. Try zooming in when you are in Print Preview and they should come back. It should be fine when printed out.
Re: Marks Not Printing for cer
#12301Servotron @ 05/16/11 12:56 PM
Nevermind, I didn't see the bit where you said it wasn't showing on the print out either. Sorry!
Re: Marks Not Printing for cer
#12305Alicia @ 05/16/11 7:08 PM
Yeah, it's very strange. I've got the current version of the program (1.14b) and I've now tried 2 different patterns. Both times everything was normal until the print preview. The first time is as I've described, and the second time, the actual chart printed fine but the key was still missing most of the symbols. I can figure out which shape belongs to which color so it's more of a program error than a critical problem this time, but still very strange.
Re: Marks Not Printing for cer
#12307Tony @ 05/16/11 11:42 PM
I think it is because the symbols have white fonts. All of the symbols with black fonts are printing ok. There are big white areas in my print preview - all white fonts.
Re: Marks Not Printing for cer
#12313Alicia @ 05/17/11 4:53 PM
Ooh, that's totally it. I checked the fill box and it fixed it.
Re: Marks Not Printing for cer
#12314keiji @ 05/17/11 5:09 PM
Hello eveybody. Sorry for the issue.
I'm aware of the problem and currently trying to fix it.
If you don't choose the option "fill", it is supposed to use black for all symbols, but somehow it keep using white for some colors.
The symbol color automatically changes to white/black depends on the darkness of the color, but it should be so only when it fills with color, otherwise, the symbol won't be visible if the option is not selected :( .

So, for now, please use "Fill" option for printing.

Thank you,
Re: Marks Not Printing for cer
#12345chan sau heung @ 05/24/11 6:01 AM

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