StitchSketch ver 1.52 release note

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
By keiji
Category: StitchSketch
Here is the highlight of ver 1.52:

Performance Improvement
The primary goal of this project was of course the performance improvement.
This version is much better and most of the case it is very smooth - About x6 to x60 times faster than before.

Technically speaking, it is a switch from HTML5/Canvas/JavaScript to CoreGraphics/OpenGL ES2/C++.

Dark Gray Theme & a color List for drawing tools
A little bit change of look & feel.
For drawing tools, a color list is on the right side of the screen for easier selection of colors.

Resizing a Chart
Now it is possible to resize the chart (Shrink/Enlarge the chart). (This is different from resizing a canvas size)

New/Improved Real view
Due to improvement of graphics engine, it is now possible to do better real view.
A peg view added.
Beads view improved.

Tracing Paper
This helps you trance a photo and convert to a chart. You have to trace manually. You can change the transparency of the image.

Load a photo for tracing.

Change the transparency.

Trace it!

On/Off the image to check your tracing.

Other changes
  • new: Gallery: page performance improvement
  • new: Gallery: Thumbnail size options - big/small/list options now available
  • bug fix: PDF generator bug fixes, including knitting symbols with purl issue
  • bug fix: When numbering from bottom to top on ruler, some bugs fixed
  • bug fix: When cell's height/width ratio changed, the grid doesn't draw correctly
  • bug fix: When using rectangular cells which has longer width, symbol could be hidden
  • bug fix: When first time StitchSketch launched, the default chart information got blank.
  • Other bug fixes


Re: StitchSketch ver 1.52 release note
#1Ann @ 12/17/14 4:50 AM
Having trouble printing. Only need first three pages and program
Has twenty pages in que. I go into my printer settings but can't change.

Thank you, Ann

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