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Thursday, May 31, 2012
By keiji
Category: Development, How to
Here is a FAQ for StitchSketch (iPhone/iPad)

I'm using KG-Chart (windows version) and I can't import a file created with StitchSketch
A file created with StitchSketch (*.sthmb) uses a different format than a file created with KG-Chart on MS-Windows. Unfortunately, the format and data included in a file are totally different and it is not possible to do so due to the totally different architecture and design of those program.
The reason the format is different is that StitchSketch is based on newer design strategy where the color and palette data are separated, symbols now using Unicode, and etc.

If you want to convert, here is a workaround:

StitchSketch to KG-Chart

  • Export a chart as an PNG image, then import it in KG-Chart.
    Symbols are automatically re-assigned with KG-Chart version. Colors also will be replaced with palette version you select in KG-Chart

KG-Chart to StitchSketch

Right now this is not supported. However, I'm going to release StitchSketch ver 1.02 soon, which will have a new feature converting a photo into a chart. So, you will be able to import a data after exporting a chart as x1 zoom in PNG format on KG-Chart. No backstitch will be converted.

Where is a palette for threads?
StitchSketch comes with generic color palette. At this point it doesn't come with palette for specific threads. Instead you can just specify any color code in a color list page.
In KG-Chart, a color itself is treated as an ID for a color of selected color palette. Therefore, it was hard to change a color without loosing ID of color code. Now with this separation of color and ID, it's possible to process a chart without loosing ID.
In the near future, I'll provide a color palette and functionality to automatically assign a color code to the color list.

I want to convert a photo into a chart. Can I do that?
Unfortunately, No with ver 1.0.
But, yes, that I wanted too! I'm going to release ver 1.02 soon and that version comes with a photo-to-chart conversion feature!

Any other questions / comments, please let me know!



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